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Hi everybody.

This weekend was full of walking arround big cities! On saturday i went to the Museum of modern Art in NYC and it wa great! after that i got something to eat arround Timessquare. I walk all the way down to 23rd street, took the subway to City Hall and walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. After that i decided it would be nice to walk allong the riverside at the Hudson from Chambers Street down till Battery Park! It was great but it killed my feet. In the evening i went to a friend but after a while a was so tired that i went home. On the next morning i went to Philadelphia, together with a fellow intern from Siemens. We had a look at the Liberty Bell and on the famous Independence Hall. After taht, the weather got better and better, we went to downtown Philly, look arround for a while and went back home.

It was i great but exhausting weekend.

Here are the pictures:

Cite from german magazin Spiegel

I have been there:

SPIEGEL ONLINE – 19. April 2005, 15:54

Globale Lichterkette

Leuchtendes Gedenken an Einsteins Todestag

Mit einer weltumspannenden Lichterkette haben Physiker und Fans an den 50. Todestag von Albert Einstein erinnert. Von der US-Universität Princeton bis ins ferne Taiwan blitzten Lichtwellen zum Gedenken an den Nobelpreisträger über die Erde. Die besondere Lichterkette unter dem Motto “Physik erhellt die Welt” begann am Montagabend damit, dass in der US-Universität Princeton die Beleuchtung des Football-Stadions und der Universitätstürme aufflammte.In Princeton im US-Staat New Jersey lebte Einstein von 1933 bis zu seinem Tod am 18. April 1955. Damals hatte er seine grundlegenden Werke zur Physik allerdings schon lange geschrieben. Dazu gehört auch die 1905 vorgelegte Spezielle Relativitätstheorie, in der sich der Wissenschaftler unter anderem mit der Natur des Lichts beschäftigt. Hochaus in

Von Princeton aus wanderten die Lichtstrahlen zum Gedenken an Albert Einstein über das gesamte Territorium der USA – rund 140 Gruppen strahlten ein Gebäude nach dem anderen an. Auf dem weiteren Weg um den Globus überbrückten Telefongespräche über Glasfaserkabel geographische Lücken der Lichterkette. Schließlich sei auch diese Art der Datenübertragung mit Lichtwellen verbunden, erklärte die Physikerin Claire Gmachl, die die Aktion zusammen mit dem in Graz lehrenden Physiker Max Lippitsch organisierte. “Für eine Physikerin wie mich ist Licht gleich Licht”, sagte Gmachl.

Im fernen Taiwan feierten Schüler den Nobelpreisträger mit Einstein-Masken. Die berühmte Formel E=mc2 wurde hochkant am Gebäude “Taipeh 101” gezeigt, dem mit 508 Metern höchsten Wolkenkratzer der Welt.

Die globale Einstein-Huldigung wurde aber auch kritisiert. So äußerten sich mehrere Astronomen besorgt über die ohnehin schon überhand nehmende “Lichtverschmutzung”, die Sternguckern den Blick in den Himmel erschwert.


HI, this weekend was awesome. We were rafting on the hudson 1 hour north of Albany(NY). the water was 36 F and the air 60 F , but because of the wetsuites it wasn’t cold at all! I made a few pictures with a waterproof camera and i hope that some of these pictures are ok. If so, i put them on this page in a couple of days!

The day started at 1 am in the morning with a liitle chaos, another guy, Jan, did not show up.
Phillip and Tammo left the parkinglot at 1:40 to pick me up on our 5 hour way north.
We arrived at the base camp arround 7 in the morning, right before the sun came over the mountains! It was an amazing view. At 8 we picked up our wetsuits and all the stuff we would need for out trip. Firts we went into an old bus which would need 30 minutes to brintg us up into the mountaisn where our starting point was.
We got our introduction into rafting and went into the water for some practical training! After thet our group startet down the river! it was amazing! The white water and the view were just great! After some time we made a stop at elephant rock to jump into the water. It wasn’t cold at all! At lunchtime we made a little break and went out into the woods, if zou know what i mean. After thet the most amazing part of the trip waited for aus. Great views and much action down the river. At the end of the trip everyone had the chance to eat something. After that we went to our motel. I stop with telling the story at that point. let the pictures speak.

CDS Orientation

Hi everyone, here are some pictures from my trip to NYC on April, 12 th.
We had our mandatory CDS International meeting on that day. CDS is the Organistion that helped me to get a J-1 Visa for the US. The Orientation wasn’t that interresting. It was held in the German embassy at United Nations Plaza 671 in NYC. After this “interresting” Orientation we went to visit the Empire State Building! To take a look down that impressive Building just click on the little picture below.

Car accident

On sturday night i had an encounter of the stupid kind. I didn’t see a car on the left lane and i change lanes directl into the other car! I lost my left headlight but nothing else happen. Ten minutes later the police arrived and the officer wrote a report. This mornimg I talked to the insurance company and i got a new car. I am now the more or less proud driver of a little Chevrolet Cavalier. Its a really tiny car, but its red, fast and doesn’t need much gas!