HI, this weekend was awesome. We were rafting on the hudson 1 hour north of Albany(NY). the water was 36 F and the air 60 F , but because of the wetsuites it wasn’t cold at all! I made a few pictures with a waterproof camera and i hope that some of these pictures are ok. If so, i put them on this page in a couple of days!

The day started at 1 am in the morning with a liitle chaos, another guy, Jan, did not show up.
Phillip and Tammo left the parkinglot at 1:40 to pick me up on our 5 hour way north.
We arrived at the base camp arround 7 in the morning, right before the sun came over the mountains! It was an amazing view. At 8 we picked up our wetsuits and all the stuff we would need for out trip. Firts we went into an old bus which would need 30 minutes to brintg us up into the mountaisn where our starting point was.
We got our introduction into rafting and went into the water for some practical training! After thet our group startet down the river! it was amazing! The white water and the view were just great! After some time we made a stop at elephant rock to jump into the water. It wasn’t cold at all! At lunchtime we made a little break and went out into the woods, if zou know what i mean. After thet the most amazing part of the trip waited for aus. Great views and much action down the river. At the end of the trip everyone had the chance to eat something. After that we went to our motel. I stop with telling the story at that point. let the pictures speak.

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