Hi everybody.

This weekend was full of walking arround big cities! On saturday i went to the Museum of modern Art in NYC and it wa great! after that i got something to eat arround Timessquare. I walk all the way down to 23rd street, took the subway to City Hall and walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. After that i decided it would be nice to walk allong the riverside at the Hudson from Chambers Street down till Battery Park! It was great but it killed my feet. In the evening i went to a friend but after a while a was so tired that i went home. On the next morning i went to Philadelphia, together with a fellow intern from Siemens. We had a look at the Liberty Bell and on the famous Independence Hall. After taht, the weather got better and better, we went to downtown Philly, look arround for a while and went back home.

It was i great but exhausting weekend.

Here are the pictures:

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