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Family Business, part2

Hi everybody,

After my family left towards the west coast and I am still sitting at the east coast, I decided to write my little report for the last two weekends. The first weekend started on May the 21st at the Starbucks on Chambers Street in NYC. We walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn and enjoyed the view onto NYC. It was great weather and a wonderfull view. After that we took the subway back to Manhattan and took the Staten Island Ferry to Staten Island. It was a wonderful trip and a great view onto Miss Liberty and back onto Manhattan. For the afternoon we decided to go up to 42nd Street and to Times Square. We walked over to the Rockefeller Centre and had a little break at Central Park. In the Evening we went to a Theatre on Broadway to see “The Phantom of the Opera”. It was great. The next day started again at our favourite Starbucks and after that we visited the air and Space Museum onboard USS Intrepid, its really nice. After that we walk from the 11 ave to the UN at the East River. What a long walk!!!

After the UN we walk to the flat Iron Building and down to Washington Square. Then we walked through little Italy back to the Hotel at Chambers street and I took the train home to Princeton.

On Wednesday the 15th, my father and brother came to visit me in Princeton. We had a nice dinner and after that some drinks at the Hotel, before they went of to Philly on the next day!

On May, 27th o took my car and drove to Washington, DC. It’s a long but really nice trip.
I meet my Family at the Hotel and we had a nice dinner together.
On the next day we walked to all the memorials, to the white house, Capitol Hill and everything around the Mall. On the second day wee took the car and drove to the Pentagon, Arlington cemetery and the Georgetown University. The end of the day for me was a visit at the Washington National Cathedra. A really nice church. After that I drove my family back to the Hotel and left for Princeton.

It was a great week.

Family business, part1

Hi every one.

My family is in the usa and we were in NYC this weekend. they will be in Princeton on Wedmesday and Philladelphia on Thursday and Friday. We will meet again on Friday in washington for the weekend. Pictures and reports of this weekend and the next follow in the first week of June.

Trip to Montreal

HI everybody,

here is my little rport of the events that took place some time after i arrived in the united states. to be exact , these events took place on the weekend beginning with may 13th. The chain of events that cuased the return to Princeton, NJ, was started by leaving Princeton at 3 pm on Friday the 13th. We drove to Montreal, a ride that needs at least 7 hours. We arrived at our hotel, checked in , found something to eat in the neighborhood and went to bed! thats it for the first day! The second day started at 7 am in the morning. after that we had a small breakfast in the hotel. really tiny breakfast! After leaving our 2 star hotel, we (hans, klaus, martin, thomas, Jan H.and myself) walk through old montreal, downtwon montreal and visited the chruch “Notre Dame” really nice ! On our way through Downtown we picked up Jan S., a friend from germany. After having some lunch we went to the olympic stadium and the biodome of montreal! a few pictures of that are given below. In the evening we went to i nice italian restaurant and to some bars in the city. After a short night we started our last day in Montreal at 745 am in the morning and after the same breakfast we went to the world fair area of 1964 or so. We visited the biosphere and the Formula 1 racing track. After that we went back to the city to go through the underground city and we walked through quartier latin. At 330 pm we left for princeton.

Here are some pictures from Montreal.

On the way to Montreal

Hi folks,

right now i am sitting in My office, but at 3 pm we will go to Montreal for the weekend! i hope the weather will be better than the forcast and i am relly looking forward to a great weekend! The car ride will take at least 7 hours, so i hope we will be there before midnight!

The report and pictures will be available within the next week or so!

Password works now

HI, its still a problem for some internet explorer users to login drectly on this page. Just follow the instructions wothin the sidebar!
One Problem is fixed. The automatic password mailing system is working now! all you guys who dont have a passord yet, please register with another username again and i will delete your old username.



This Sunday we went to NYC again. It was a great but long day. The day started at eight in the morning, after I had 4.5 hours sleep! I had been to Philly the night before! The Sunday started with a great sunny impression through my window, but the weather wasn’t that good when we arrived in NYC. After 11 in the morning it got all sunny and nice again! We started from the Path station at 33rd street and walk all the way to the New York library near Grand central station. Then we went to Grand central to take a look at the nice architecture and went on to the Rockefeller center. We had lunch at the Hard rock cafe and went for a nice brake into Central Park (bowling green).

The weather was all nice by then. After our little break I tried again to reach Andy, a friend from Germany. This time I got through and we meet for a few minutes in The Trump Tower at & Ave and 57 street. It was nice to see him. Our next journey was down to City Hall with the 6 train and then a nice walk to the Staten Island ferry. We walk a bit around on Staten Island, took a look at the 9/11 memorial and went back to Manhattan and then back to Princeton. It was a great but long day! I hope you all enjoy the pictures.