Daily Archives: May 9, 2005

Password works now

HI, its still a problem for some internet explorer users to login drectly on this page. Just follow the instructions wothin the sidebar!
One Problem is fixed. The automatic password mailing system is working now! all you guys who dont have a passord yet, please register with another username again and i will delete your old username.



This Sunday we went to NYC again. It was a great but long day. The day started at eight in the morning, after I had 4.5 hours sleep! I had been to Philly the night before! The Sunday started with a great sunny impression through my window, but the weather wasn’t that good when we arrived in NYC. After 11 in the morning it got all sunny and nice again! We started from the Path station at 33rd street and walk all the way to the New York library near Grand central station. Then we went to Grand central to take a look at the nice architecture and went on to the Rockefeller center. We had lunch at the Hard rock cafe and went for a nice brake into Central Park (bowling green).

The weather was all nice by then. After our little break I tried again to reach Andy, a friend from Germany. This time I got through and we meet for a few minutes in The Trump Tower at & Ave and 57 street. It was nice to see him. Our next journey was down to City Hall with the 6 train and then a nice walk to the Staten Island ferry. We walk a bit around on Staten Island, took a look at the 9/11 memorial and went back to Manhattan and then back to Princeton. It was a great but long day! I hope you all enjoy the pictures.