Trip to Montreal

HI everybody,

here is my little rport of the events that took place some time after i arrived in the united states. to be exact , these events took place on the weekend beginning with may 13th. The chain of events that cuased the return to Princeton, NJ, was started by leaving Princeton at 3 pm on Friday the 13th. We drove to Montreal, a ride that needs at least 7 hours. We arrived at our hotel, checked in , found something to eat in the neighborhood and went to bed! thats it for the first day! The second day started at 7 am in the morning. after that we had a small breakfast in the hotel. really tiny breakfast! After leaving our 2 star hotel, we (hans, klaus, martin, thomas, Jan H.and myself) walk through old montreal, downtwon montreal and visited the chruch “Notre Dame” really nice ! On our way through Downtown we picked up Jan S., a friend from germany. After having some lunch we went to the olympic stadium and the biodome of montreal! a few pictures of that are given below. In the evening we went to i nice italian restaurant and to some bars in the city. After a short night we started our last day in Montreal at 745 am in the morning and after the same breakfast we went to the world fair area of 1964 or so. We visited the biosphere and the Formula 1 racing track. After that we went back to the city to go through the underground city and we walked through quartier latin. At 330 pm we left for princeton.

Here are some pictures from Montreal.

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