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May the mighty bird of the galaxy let him rest in peace

Legendary STAR TREK icon James ‘Scotty’ Doohan has died at age 85, reports CNN. The actor had been battling Alzheimer’s Disease and died this morning at his home in Washington of pneumonia.

Famous for his Scot accent for the character ‘Montgomery Scott’, Doohan endeared himself to legions of fans as ‘Scotty’ and propelled himself and his role into entertainment history. Doohan made his final public appearance at a Farewell convention in Hollywood last summer, and then received his star on the Walk of Fame August 31st, 2004.

The Canadian-born Doohan’s early days in radio made him a master of dialects, and he settled on Scottish for the commanding and resourceful engineer of the Starship Enterprise after auditioning for the role. Doohan participated in D-Day as a member of the Royal Canadian Artillery during World War II.

Doohan entertained us all with his portrayal of ‘Scotty’. An American icon has been lost, but his legacy continues to inspire, and will forever live on when people comment “Beam me up, Scotty.”

Ottawa, Capital of Canada

the last weekend was really great! i meet with Jan Schorr in Ottawa.
I traveld with Klaus and Thomas . We started in Princeton by late afternoon on Friday and after 470 miles with an average speed of 63 miles per hour arrived in Ottawa around 12.35 am. jan had allready checked in and was waiting fo us. On the next mornuing wen went up to parliament Hill for the Changing of the Guards ceremony. It was great to see this colorfull event. After that, it was allread 10.30 am we walked to the Rideau canal to make a Boat trip on the Ottawa River. The trip took 1.5 hours but it was great to see the riverside and Ottawa from a completly different perspective. When we arrived at the landing side we decided it was aboyt time to grab something to eat! we went back to the By ward Marked near our Hotel, it is an area arround a few blocks of the city where you can find nearly any kind of food and a lot of shops and pubs. After lunch at the famous hard Rock Cafe whe walked arround the City , walked through Sparks Street Mall and the Currency Museum of Ottawa just to be on time for ur Parliament tour at 4.30 pm. The tour was awesome. We were able to see the House of Commons and the Senate and our guide told us a lot about the Governmnt System of Canada. After we finished our nice tour we had dinner at an italian marked and went to drink something at an irsih pub. At 9.30 pm we were bakc at Parliament Hill to see a colorfull and really good light and movie event about Canada. The NCC (national Capital Comiison) oraganizs thsi event, that projects pictures and movies onto the walls of the center Block of the Parliament Complex. Our last stop before falling aleep was again an irsih pub, but after one drink we were so tired that we were bakc at our Hotel arround 12 am. The next morning started with a walk towards Victoria island parke , but it was so hot and Humid that we decided to shorten our stay at Ottawa and would drive back at 2pm. We did not drive back the shortest way possible, because we wanted to see the Cornell University at Ithaca, NY. The University lies in the middle of nowhere, 30 minutes away from the next interstate. The University istels has a realy nice Campus, but i wouldnt want to study there, because ist so far away froom any major city. After visiting there we drow the rest of our way and i was home aroun 1030 pm.

Here are some pictures of the trip:

Lowermanhattan during summer


this weekend was great! It started on Saturday with doing absolutly nothing. I slept long and talked to some friends on the phone. The Sunday started early by driving to new York arround 9.30 am. I picked up Klaus at is apartment and we drove together to the PATH terminal @ Grove Street in Jersey City. We then took the subway to 8th Ave and 14th Street to start our walk trough Greenwich Village, SoHo, Lower East Side , Little Italy and Chinatown towards Battery park. We crossed washington square and at 1 pm we had lunch at a German restaurant called Loreley ( The food was great. after walking trough Little Italy and Chinatown we came by City hall and i sat down in City Hall park while Klaus walked up and down Brooklyn Bridge. Afterwards we went to Battery Park to conclude our trip with a look at lady Liberty. Our trip ended aroun 7pm by taking the Path back to jersey city.

Here are some pictures of the trip:

Independence day weekend

Hi everybody. The Independence Day weekend was awesome!
We had a lot of fun in:

– Plymouth, MA
– Provincetown, MA
– Boston, MA
– New Haven, CT und in Jersey City, NJ

First of all we drove to Plymouth, just to stay there over night and then drove to Provincetown on the next morning! The weather was great and we had a lot of fun walking around. In the evening we went to Boston and checked into our Hotel just to find out that we had just 4 beds for 5 people. After solving that problem we felt asleep. The next morning we went to Boston. We used the Orange line to get from Wellington to downtown crossing and the red line to get to the Harvard University. We walked around Harvard campus and than to MIT. After walking over the Longfellow Bridge we took the Freedom trail to walk around the city. In the evening we had dinner at an Irish pub with great live Irish music. The next morning started with checking out of the Hotel and taking the subway into Boston to take a look at the ID4 parade and the reading of the Declaration of independence. We had lunch at the Hard Rock Café Boston and after sitting in the Park for a while to drove back half the way to Princeton and visited the Yale University in New Haven. After this amazing experience we drove to the liberty state park to see the Fireworks in New York and had a great final experience watching the Fireworks of NYC.

Here are some pictures .