Independence day weekend

Hi everybody. The Independence Day weekend was awesome!
We had a lot of fun in:

– Plymouth, MA
– Provincetown, MA
– Boston, MA
– New Haven, CT und in Jersey City, NJ

First of all we drove to Plymouth, just to stay there over night and then drove to Provincetown on the next morning! The weather was great and we had a lot of fun walking around. In the evening we went to Boston and checked into our Hotel just to find out that we had just 4 beds for 5 people. After solving that problem we felt asleep. The next morning we went to Boston. We used the Orange line to get from Wellington to downtown crossing and the red line to get to the Harvard University. We walked around Harvard campus and than to MIT. After walking over the Longfellow Bridge we took the Freedom trail to walk around the city. In the evening we had dinner at an Irish pub with great live Irish music. The next morning started with checking out of the Hotel and taking the subway into Boston to take a look at the ID4 parade and the reading of the Declaration of independence. We had lunch at the Hard Rock Café Boston and after sitting in the Park for a while to drove back half the way to Princeton and visited the Yale University in New Haven. After this amazing experience we drove to the liberty state park to see the Fireworks in New York and had a great final experience watching the Fireworks of NYC.

Here are some pictures .

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