May the mighty bird of the galaxy let him rest in peace

Legendary STAR TREK icon James ‘Scotty’ Doohan has died at age 85, reports CNN. The actor had been battling Alzheimer’s Disease and died this morning at his home in Washington of pneumonia.

Famous for his Scot accent for the character ‘Montgomery Scott’, Doohan endeared himself to legions of fans as ‘Scotty’ and propelled himself and his role into entertainment history. Doohan made his final public appearance at a Farewell convention in Hollywood last summer, and then received his star on the Walk of Fame August 31st, 2004.

The Canadian-born Doohan’s early days in radio made him a master of dialects, and he settled on Scottish for the commanding and resourceful engineer of the Starship Enterprise after auditioning for the role. Doohan participated in D-Day as a member of the Royal Canadian Artillery during World War II.

Doohan entertained us all with his portrayal of ‘Scotty’. An American icon has been lost, but his legacy continues to inspire, and will forever live on when people comment “Beam me up, Scotty.”

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