Right now I am flying a few thousand meters above the Atlantic. The sun just set and it’s getting darker every minute. I left the United States with mixed feelings. On the one hand I am really going to miss everybody I worked with, but on the other hand I am really happy to get back to my family and friends. After the most amazing summer of my life, I feel grateful for all the opportunities I had so far in my life. It’s just amazing how much has happened so far a how much might be light in front of me. I am really looking forward to get started with my diploma thesis and than in a few years after experiencing work life in Germany or elsewhere in this world, I might return to this strange but lovely country USA.

I want to thank every one of the guys and girls at Siemens for the fun and everything we shared this summer. It was awesome. Hope to see you sometime.

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  1. HI, it just happend at 11000 meters and -43 degree outside the airplane that a women faded. after a little bit chaos everything is fine again.I LIKE A LITTLE BIT ACTION

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