Monthly Archives: November 2006

Second Week over

HI everybody,

One more week has gone by! My second week in Munich! i can’t say that i know everything, but it#s getting better and tommorow is the day when i get the keys for my new apartment!

I hope to get to know the city and the people better in time. We will see!

One week in Munich

HI everybody,

I wanted to let you know how I am ,after my first week in Munich and three days working at Rohde & Schwarz. So far i have managed to get a nice apartment in Munich. So far Munich seems to be a nice city, but i have to say that its quite hard to be on my self so much. I am so used to go out with friends and to see my girl nearly everyday. Here i am completely on my own and hope to meet more nice people to hang out with after work.

Just give me a call to talk. Til then