Latest Update

Hi everybody,

I thought i keep you updated on latest developments.My fiancé and i have been to Vienna a couple weeks back and then went to Aachen, to celebrate my best man’s 30th Birthday.Happy Birthday Patrick. It was great to see old friends again. An it was good to be back in the town that i lived for so long and were i met my fiancé back in 2004. What i ride since then. Been in the states in 2005. traveled through Spain in 2006. started a new job and moved to Munich in 2006. Moved in with my fiancé in 2007 and finally saw Minnesota for the first time including the future in laws. Met Amintha. Went to two weddings in the US in 2008 and met some great people. Hi Jessica. Then came 2009, what a year. Went to Egypt and Florence. Got engaged in London. Went to Minnesota for Christmas and New Years. Real Winter rocks. Still waiting for a real summer in 2010. Hope everything is fine with you people.

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