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Right now I am flying a few thousand meters above the Atlantic. The sun just set and it’s getting darker every minute. I left the United States with mixed feelings. On the one hand I am really going to miss everybody I worked with, but on the other hand I am really happy to get back to my family and friends. After the most amazing summer of my life, I feel grateful for all the opportunities I had so far in my life. It’s just amazing how much has happened so far a how much might be light in front of me. I am really looking forward to get started with my diploma thesis and than in a few years after experiencing work life in Germany or elsewhere in this world, I might return to this strange but lovely country USA.

I want to thank every one of the guys and girls at Siemens for the fun and everything we shared this summer. It was awesome. Hope to see you sometime.

Steuben parade and NJ Beach

HI, i was very lazy in the last few weeks with updating my weblog, therefre here is the next report. On Satutrday the 17th of September we visited NYC for the 48th annual Steuben parade. It was a 2 hour event with a lot of cras and groups in german, mostly bavarian,clothing and with german culture. It was a great event. Afterwards we walked trough manhattan had some lunch and i went shopping for some clothing! The next day was my last day at the Beach. Some friends and i went to the Long island beach state park, it was really great weather. Sunny all day and the water was really nice. I will miss all these things.

Her are the pictures:

Miami, Key West and the Everglades

HI, our trip to Florida started on Saturday the 3rd of September by getting up very early. My alarm woke me up at 2.15 am because our flight was scheduled to depart at 6.01 from Philadelphia international airport. We arrived with a little time to spare and the flight was on time. We arrived in Miami at 8.15 am and got our rental car around 9. We started driving to Key West. The way down the keys is very nice, but not as spectacular as I thought it would be. Finally around 130pm we arrived in Key West, but we couldn’t check into the hotel. We took our car and drove through the city to get a first impression. It’s really nice, with a lot of small and old houses. After checking onto the hotel we walked through town and had a great sunset at the waterfront. Next day we visited the Lighthouse and the pier of Key West. Around lunch time we took off and drove to Florida City and after check inn we drove to the everglades just to discover that the park was damaged by hurricane Katrina and we were not able to get in after 7 pm. Next day we drove into that everglades as far as possible, only 18 mile out of 35 were accessible, the rest was closed due to the last hurricane. But the trip was very nice and we had the chance to see some alligators. After leaving the everglades national park, we drove to an alligator farm and made an airboat tour through another part of the everglades. Really nice! In the late afternoon we arrived in Miami and checked into a nice hotel in Miami Beach. In the evening we walked trough Miami downtown and had a great view at the skyline by night. The next day was our last day in Florida and we walked over the beach and trough the historic district of Miami Beach. Our flight left at 835pm so we had some time to visit Little Havana before we had to go to the airport! Little Havana is a really nice neighborhood, but nothing special. In the end it was a great trip. Her are some pictures: