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Yes they can

Hey everybody,

After a long night without sleep, time difference to the east coast is +6 hours in Germany, i was glad to see a truly historic moment in American History. I think its truly amazing what determination and the true believe in a better America can achieve. Congrats to All Americans for a hopefully good choice.

Barack Obamas Homepage: http://www.barackobama.com/

Travel Plans for december

Hi everybody, some of you might not care, but i thought i let you know my plans for December.

I will be in Aachen starting the night of the 30th of November until 2 of December and the following weekend, starting the night of the 7th i will be in Gronau/Epe . The next weekend will hopefully be a meet-up with old friends from school. Me and my girlfriend are flying over to the States on the 20th of December. I hope everybody is well and has a great time. I am looking forward to meet you all on one of these weekends.

Job Interview


yesterday i had my first job interview! It was with Siemens Coroparte Research. From what i can tell it went well and i am now waiting for whatever happens next. I am curoius what exactly they might offer and which chances are opening up for me in the future.

Hope to hear from you all